Hanging Hanmer Hams – my forbidden fruit

Plump and glazed
Sweet and firm
A delicious meaty treat
Hanging, sweating, in the sun
Begging to be eat

No! Not yet!
The villagers cry
Young boy, you’ll have to wait!
A few more days is all you need
And then you may fill your plate

But the hams still call
They sing to me
Young boy, you are allowed
And if given a private feast
I’d gobble them up right now!

hanmerhams (740 x 436)


About Youthride

Youthride is, to put it simply, an adventure, undertaken to promote and support a wonderful charity - Youthline NZ. To learn more about the ride, you should find what you need in the blog archives at http://tinyurl.com/youthride. If you wish to offer the support of yourself or your business, you may contact Tom via tom.lynskey.experiment@gmail.com to discuss directly.
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