As the planning for this thing starts to really get underway, yet another great NZ company has been enlisted to help us along our way.

Freeload make specialist equipment for your adventure by bicycle. Ever seen a bike with those carrier bags hanging about the rear wheel? Think of a refined and sophisticated version of that and you’re beginning to get the gist. You can click the logo above to go to their website and check out their range of excellent products.

The route that we’ve planned will traverse some reasonably rugged terrain, so we needed a system that would stand up to whatever we could throw at it. Hundreds of off-road kilometres and thousands of kilometres of highway is no small ask for any equipment, but the Freeload racks should be able to take it all in stride.

After a brief email exchange with Tim Armstrong from Freeload, and thanks to his generosity, we will each be fitted with a complete rack system that will contain all of our gear – rendering backpacks superfluous. Not only will this prove invaluable in comfort terms, but alleviating the pressure from our backs will result in significantly less strain at the end of those long days in the saddle.

And being that Freeload’s products have been torture-tested and well proven on various brevets and ultra-endurance events worldwide, we can go into this ride knowing that our gear is one less thing to worry about.

So a big thanks to Tim and Freeload for getting behind us and removing one more logistical hurdle!


About Youthride

Youthride is, to put it simply, an adventure, undertaken to promote and support a wonderful charity - Youthline NZ. To learn more about the ride, you should find what you need in the blog archives at If you wish to offer the support of yourself or your business, you may contact Tom via to discuss directly.
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