Welcome, Weather Gurus!

I’m very pleased to be able to announce the first sponsor on-board for this adventure: MetService.

You will probably recognise them from their national and regional weather forecasting website here. I contacted MetService with the intention of finding out whether riding the country in the northbound or southbound direction was favourable in January. But after a quick succession of emails with Ross Marsden, a Consultant Meteorologist with the outfit, a great offer was presented.

As it turns out, MetService have what are called ‘wind roses’ in 65 different locations around the country. These wind roses show the predominant wind direction and severity at each location for specific times in the year. Ross offered to put together a document that shows the results for these in more or less geographical order from Cape Reinga to Invercargill.

What this will give us is a means to study the usual wind patterns across the entire country for the specific time in which we plan to do the ride: an invaluable tool for the formulation of our route.

Once the ride is underway, Ross also indicated that his office would be willing to help with detailed forecasting. This would likely take the form of a daily update by email or SMS to provide more detailed information that isn’t available in the daily forecasts. The advantage of this is that with their help we can schedule rest days for when the wind is particularly unfavourable, and it will obviously help us enormously when we need to decide on a given day whether we should make a push for the next city or stop to set up camp.

So, on that note, I want to formally extend a big thank-you to MetService for getting behind us and taking a whole lot of the guesswork out of this adventure!


About Youthride

Youthride is, to put it simply, an adventure, undertaken to promote and support a wonderful charity - Youthline NZ. To learn more about the ride, you should find what you need in the blog archives at http://tinyurl.com/youthride. If you wish to offer the support of yourself or your business, you may contact Tom via tom.lynskey.experiment@gmail.com to discuss directly.
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