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I’m excited to announce that this ride will no longer be solo.

Though the toils of long and lonely miles can be most revealing for oneself, I am immensely relieved by the prospect of a little company for the journey.

Enter Benjamin O’Rileburg, one of my favourite cool daddies and an all-round swell guy. After he expressed his interest, I urged him to take a small amount of time to think it through. Having agreed and signed his life away on the dotted line, he is now conscripted to await whatever hells the gravel-laden path ahead may hold.

Ben and I have had some great adventures over the years… In 2008 we spent a year living together whilst we both attended Victoria University. That year was a succession of strange nights mincing about Wellington after dark and long days attending to our bursts of enthusiasm for endurance sport. What I learned is that Ben is a man whose company I relish. But importantly he´s also a man who I can tell to bugger off once in a while when I´m feeling moody – and that´s going to be important at the end of a 200km slog through rugged back-country.

Ben has also been maintaining a slightly better pair of shanks than I have, owing to the plenitude of delicious mountain bike trails at his back door, and to my new-found love of empanadas. So, if nothing else, he should at least be good for a tow.

In our friendship, I don´t believe we´ve yet hit the potential in quite the way that this ride promises, so I’m chuffed to have him involved.

Welcome aboard, bro!


About Youthride

Youthride is, to put it simply, an adventure, undertaken to promote and support a wonderful charity - Youthline NZ. To learn more about the ride, you should find what you need in the blog archives at http://tinyurl.com/youthride. If you wish to offer the support of yourself or your business, you may contact Tom via tom.lynskey.experiment@gmail.com to discuss directly.
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