So, what’s this all about?

The answer begins fairly simply, but quickly becomes a shade more complicated…

1. From Competition to Cause

My name is Tom Lynskey, and this whole thing began with an online competition that an American company, Lynskey Performance Designs, ran on their Facebook page – (we aren’t related) – To save you the research, the company designs some of the finest titanium bicycles that money can buy. But, evidently, they make some the finest titanium bicycles that can be given away too!

The competition that the Lynskey guys were running was pretty basic; the hopefuls were to post a short blurb on the Lynskey Performance Designs wall detailing why they needed to win one of their bicycles, and the post with the most ‘likes’ at the end of July took home the bacon. My campaign was that I would ride the length of New Zealand on the bike if I won, and to dedicate the ride to a good cause so that I might offer them support and exposure.

But I didn’t want to just bang down State Highways to rack up the distance. I wanted to keep a record of my adventure, and long stretches of bitumen make for dreary reading – so I came up with something a little different. My plan was to throw in a few iconic traverses and sections of the currently-in-development NZ Cycleway. This sort of mixed on-road / off-road riding would lend itself well to the particular frameset being given away, and it would make for much better reading. Plus, what with NZ scenery being as stunning as it is, photo opportunities would abound.

So the competition was underway and I was rapidly gaining support for my cause. Things went a lot further than I anticipated, and I spent a long time out the front of the competition. Each time I reloaded the page there would be more and more votes to my name. It was a humbling and special experience to see that much support in a day and age where what´s in it for me attitudes so often prevail.

But, in the end, even with all the great support that I received, I didn´t manage to win. And this forced me to spend some time carefully scrutinizing my intentions. I looked at just how many people had taken the time to endorse this pursuit and it became evident to me that this ride, and the potential good that could come from it, was much bigger than me. I was trying to win a bicycle frame, but that´s not what the people were really getting behind. What inspired them was the cause. It´s not everyday that someone cycles the length of the country, after all.

So what would happen now that I hadn´t won? Would I can the ride and say Sorry folks, but I was really after that nice titanium frame. Maybe next time. What sort of an attitude is that? The spirit of the whole thing was behind the ride, it had nothing to do with winning a frame. I decided that I believed in the cause, and that I truly believed in the potential to do a positive thing with all the support and exposure I´d garnered. Two important developments came from this:

  1. I decided that I would do the ride regardless.
  2. I could see the positive sides of losing.

Things felt better now. My focus was directed more toward doing something positive for a deserving cause.

2. The Long Road Ahead

So when am I going to do this ride? Within the month of January 2013 is all I´ve got at this stage.

Doubtless there are some speed bumps visible in the realization of this plan. But the things that are truly worth doing are seldom easy, and I’m confident that I can find the necessary solutions.

On that note, if you are interested in helping out, you can flick an email through to me at – all offers are appreciated, even if it´s a simple cup of tea or a mattress for when the ride passes through your township. Monetary offers have a tendency to aggravate people´s sense of morality, and I don´t have the energy for all that, so they will simply be handed on directly as donations to Youthline.

If you wish to join in for any parts of this adventure, it’d be great to have you along. Once I´ve solidified the route in my mind I will publish a detailed map/itinerary on this site so that you can hone in on your area and see whether a little mini-adventure of your own is on the cards.

This site will serve as your reference point, should you wish to follow the endeavour. You can also follow the action on Facebook here. The shortlink for this site is – In the posts to come I will elaborate more on the rider(s), any sponsorship/support gained, the grand route and, of course, the cause: Youthline NZ.

It’s going to be a wild time, I hope you’ll join us.


3. Annexure

I would like to take this opportunity to officially recognise all the people that got behind me in my campaign. Without you wee darlings, I wouldn´t be hatching this scheme. Unfortunately, Facebook only seems to have populated 700-odd names of the over 900 who actually got behind me. My sincere apologies if your name doesn’t appear below, please email me at to have that fixed up. Nonetheless, a huge thank-you to the following people:

Aaron Alexander
Aaron Hape
Aaron Hyatt
Aaron SC
Abby-Isla Meehan
Abby Rainbow
Abigail Gonda
Adam Harrison
Adam Hollins
Adelyn Wischnowsky
Adrian McKenzie
Aileen Brogan
Aimee Oldham
Alex Harden
Alex Zander Revell
Alexander ‘Moo’ Meshuggener
Alexandra Lynn
Alexi Christensen
Alice Pearson
Alicia Rowden Ham
Alinka Kowalewska
Alistair Crossling
Allana Armstrong
Allen Wong
Alli O’Donnell
Amanda Dawn Molsee
Amelia Corban-Banks
Amy Boyes
Amy Dolden
Amy Johnson Hayward
Andrea Coens
Andrea Wilson
Andrew ‘Spindles of Steel’ King
Andrew Bamford
Andrew Donghi
Andrew Francis
Andrew LaCrue
Andrew Maddever
Andy Murray
Andy Woodwark
Angela Honourfield
Angie Lander
Angélique MacDonald
Anna Bailey
Anna Beavis
Anna Shum-Pearce
Annabel Dennett
Anne Elizabeth Sturgess
Anne Maree Smart
Anne Samson
Anthony Mark
April Finkbeiner
Ashleigh Young
Bart Dillashaw
Belinda De Mayo
Ben Brough
Ben Murphy
Ben Shayler
Benjamin Mister-Tasty
Berni Austin
Bernie Cruise
Beth Manning
Beth Reynolds
Bex Seini O’Connor
Bill Brierley
Bill Naidanovici
Blair Stuthridge
Bold Claims Party New Zillind
Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Grace
Bosko Kovacevic
Bradie Niederberger
Bradley Rose
Brenda J. Peterson
Brenda Runnebaum
Brenda Smith
Brendon Arbuckle
Brendon Hickey
Brendon Le Comte
Brent Asquith
Brent Dunstan
Brett Cursons
Brett Fenzel
Brett Turia
Brian Bushe
Brian Daniel Harper
Brian Morton
Briar-Rose Lauralee Sweeney
Briar Ulberg
Brigid Skipper
Bronwyn Morris
Bry Hutchinson
Bryleigh Moore
Bryttni Gillum-Taylor
Caitlin Horan
Caitlin Rose O’Keefe
Caitlyn Bloxham
Callum Armstrong
Calum Chamberlain
Cameron Bourgeois
Cameron Holden
Cameron Wood
Carla Torr
Caroline Forbes
Carolyn Hayward
Carter Pilkington
Cassie Armitage
Catherine Bennett
Catlin Baillie Shands
Charla R Weatherford
Charlee Mided
Charles Salmon
Charlotte Colson
Charlotte Ireland
Charlotte Knight
Chas Hollands-teariki
Chelsey Lamb
Cheryl Krivet
Chevanti Beckham
Chloe Bisley-Wright
Chloe Murray
Chris Maessen
Chris Tracy Cameron
Chris Wood
Christian Taylor
Christie Wright
Christina Glen
Christina Judge
Christine Murray
Christopher Pepper Mint Butler
Claire Harkness-Gower
Claire Pettigrew
Clara Loroni
Clare Doig
Claudio Nebbia
Clay Kotka
Clive Bennett
Colin Alexander
Corey Clark
Corrine Lynskey
Courtnay Low
Courtney Mae
Courtney Pidwerbesky
Craig Davies
Craig Murray
Craig Patterson
Creedence Swade Campbell Rameka
Cushla Palmer
Cynthia Silver
Dale Snowden
Dan Phillips
Dan Smart
Dani Rich
Daniel Chadwick
Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Scott
Danielle Hill
Danielle Pine
Danny Andres Vivanco
Danyon Graham
Daria Cheyne
Darrell W. Robinson
Darynka Masson
Dave ‘Camembert’ Aldred
Dave Livesey
Dave Mckay
Dave Ryan
Dawn Ages
Dean Cameron
Debra Wells
Delma Martinez
Demi Wiremu
Dena Jazmin Valente
Desiree Lopez
Diane Guglielmi-Smith
Diane Kelly
Dianna Watson Borman
Dianne Douds
Dianne Mac
Dimitrije Balanovic
Dominic Taylor
Don MacLeod
Donald Qualls
Dragana Balanovic
Drew Moore
Drue Newcomb
Eden Cruise
Edwin Crossling
Eileen-Rose Wright
Ella Creet
Ellie Green
Eme Mizioch
Emily Simcox
Emily Walker
Emma Mancer
Emma Thwaite
Emma Waddle
Emmy Smart
Erik Westra
Erin Beth Upjohn Beatson
Eva Horan
Evander Marsters
Fabienne Payet
Felicity Jansonius
Ferne Cheetham
Finn Peters
Fiona Diebold
Francesca LoGiudice
Francine Gulliver
Fraser Pilkington
Fumi Kato
Gargi Elvendork Verma
Garth Hay
Garth Weinberg
Gary Moller
Gavin Rodney McGibbon
Gema McCaughey
Geoff McDonnell
Georgia Scapens
Gill Butler
Gillian Ashurst
Ginetta Orlando
Ginny Anderson
Glenn G Webb
Grace Blanks
Grace Chazan
Grace Esquilant
Grace Nicholls
Graeme Baker
Graeme Lindup
Graham Lynskey
Grant Perry
Greg Manson
Gregory L. Golinski
Gretchen Craig
Gus Brodie
HB Yeo
Hamish Gordon
Hanna Marijke Stewart
Hannah Barnes
Hannah Louise Pilcher
Hannah Maria McDonald
Hano Yuri Boyka Setefano
Harrison Fellowes
Harry Platt
Harvey William Barrett
Hayden Linn
Hayden Richards
Hazel Swanson
Heather Best
Heather Froude
Heather O’Carroll
Heather Thurston
Helena Hackner
Henry DuVall
Henry Stock
Hi-Dee Konzett
Hinemiri Tohiariki
Hinepounamu Apanui-Barr
Hollie Bushe
Holly Renee Gilden
Ian Bayliss
Ian Phillipps
Ibtihal Ali
Imogen Thirlwall
Ingrid Dixon
Ingunn Monsen
Inspiring Riding
Iride Store
Irwin Chu
Iva Novakov
Jacinta O’Neill
Jack Barraclough
Jack Carpenter
Jack Compton
Jack Whattam
Jackie Watson
Jacqueline Stewart
Jade Merematira Margaret Thomson
Jaimee Ft-ethan Guptill
James Burgess
James Cooney
James Oughton
James Tortora
Jamie Hatch
Jamie McMahon
Janice Qualls
Jasmine Jane Ludwig
Jason Brubaker
Jason Buchanan
Jason Holden
Jason Ritter
Jason Senior
Jay Mckinlay
Jay Stoney
Jay Waters
Jayde Jordan Clark-Foster
Jeff Aldam
Jeff Lyall
Jeffrey Fong
Jemma Hartley
Jemma Souness
Jemma Taylor
Jen Marwick
Jenna Harris
Jenna Nicole
Jenna Pitt
Jenny Sulzberger
Jeremy Andersen
Jeremy Upson
Jess Lace
Jesse Laing (aka Mike Oxlong)
Jessie Chote
Jessie Drake
Jill Walker
Jim Brown
Jim Long
Jo Asquith
Jo Goudie
Jo Smith
Joanna Orr
Joe Shoe
Joel David Hibbert-Perham
Joel Healy
John Butler
John Lee
John Randal
John Robert Irvine
John and Megan – Cape Epic 2012
Jonathan Dow
Jonny Katie Bollond
Jonny Waghorn
Jono Kerr
Jono Wood
Jordan Macdonald
Josh Burmester
Josh Dorevitch
Josh Lynskey
Joshua Damaska
Josica Michel
Jovana Balanovic
Jovite Amirault
Joyce Soudachanh
Jude Young
Jules Bergin
Julia Bracegirdle
Julia Effenberger
Julia George
Julianne Gordon
Julie Gillam
K-ci Feliuai
Kadi Leggett
Kah Hoe Chan
Kakati Bailey
Kantana Bracken Scott
Karen James
Karl Fitzpatrick
Karlin Price West
Katarina Scotts-Bahle
Kate O’Rourke
Katherine Robbie
Kathryn Stewart
Kathy Firman
Katie Deane-Jackson
Katie Morgan
Katrina Powers
Kay Cruise
Kay Lynskey
Keisha Necropsy
Keith Hewitt
Kellie Hoy
Kelly Johns
Kelsey Burmester
Kenn Devlin
Kenneth Tuffin
Kerrin Allwood
Keryn Sharpe
Kevin O’Donnell
Kieran Collier
Kieran Rayner
Kiko Hurley
Kimber Hansen Wiese
Kimberley Aroha Lake
Kimberly Lonsway
Kimberly Whitham
Klare Coleman
Kristee Copley
Kristy Palmer
Kylie Jane Green
Kylie Rosemary August
Kymberley Jack
Lacey Marie
Lane Kneedler
Laura Dixon
Laura Neale
Laura Wilthew
Lauren Tennent
Leanne Belgrave
Lennox Mcmahon
Leora Fiolek
Leroy Crawford-Flett
Levi John Walton
Liam Kennedy
Lisa Steinberg
Liz Harvey
Ljilja Kovacevic
Llama Shmeagle Spleen
Logan Brown
Logan Ualesi
Loki Grant
Lorenzo Pradel
Lorien Hickson
Lorraine Reid
Louanne Pickering Ruttan
Lucinda Gulliver
Luke McLachlan
Luke O’Connor
Luke Stormer
Lynne Asquith
Lynne Butler
Lynzi Armstrong
Maddie Best
Madi McCleary
Maggie Murray
Mai Kool
Maia Hewer
Makenzie Ashleigh Lindsay-Connolly
Malcolm Parnell
Marcel Merrix Stannard
Marcus Rowe
Maree Heal
Maree Newson
Margaret Smith
Maria Tsonis
Marilyn Northcotte
Mariska Hall
Mariya Digafe Kassa
Marjolein Ros
Marko Krajnovic
Markus Der Blonde Schelm
Martha Hobbs
Martin McCrudden
Mary Ellen Radtke Bogucki
Mathew Waghorn
Matt Clarke
Matt Isaac
Matt Oliver
Matt Varcoe
Matthew Benton
Matthew Molloy
Max Seymour
Meg Mazengarb
Megan Linde
Melanie Lynskey
Melanie Morelli Torcia
Melanie Nicholson
Melanie Parsons
Melissa Keogh
Melissa Peterson
Michael ‘Carpet of Love’ Hayward
Michael Instone
Michael Larking
Michael Molony
Michael Stewart
Michael Zhang
Michelle Herkenham
Michelle Peterson
Michelle Preston
Michelle Strait
Mick Brown
Mike ‘Pistons’ Torckler
Mike Hunn
Mikey McCallum
Millie Lynskey
Millie O’Connor
Monique Forrest
Nadine Sharun
Nancy Herman
Nancy Sheridan
Nané Sirekan
Nao Guy
Natalia Albert
Natalie Marshall
Natasha Gerrand
Natasha Parker
Natasha Wilson
Nathan Madams
Nathan Mawkes
Neil Badenhorst
Nick Clarke
Nick Kennedy
Nick Lunn
Nick Sturgess
Nicki Jiggy Bailey
Nicola Boyce-Bacon
Nicola Shorten
Nicole Boland
Nicole Derwin
Nicole Jayne Blackie
Nigel Harford
Nikki Craig
Nikki Hughes
Nilah Dayzelle Melvine
Niven McCrary
Noel Eley
Noel Whiteside
Оля Сычева
Oli Bowley
Oli Brooke-White
Oliver Krivan
Oliver Thompson
Oliver Whalley
Olivia Mattson
Olivia Morgan
Ollie Blackmore
Ollie Smith
Oscar Walton
Owen Hughes
Owen Matthews
Owen Pahl
Pamela Mulkey
Paremata Plimmerton U13 Barracudas (2012)
Pat Wimsatt
Patrick Bull
Patrick Douglas Ngaia
Paul Murgatroyd
Paul Quayle
Paula Acethorp
Payton Bieber
Pepe Valdivia Murillo
Pete Duckworth
Pete Marshall
Pete Rhodes-Robinson
Peter Barnes
Peter Le Quesne
Peter Mora
Peter Murphy
Phillip Christensen
Phillip Quinlan
Phoebe Brosnan
Pip Kayser
Puddy Tat
Quiana Reads
Rachael Bigelow
Rachel Field
Rachel Hope
Rachel Norton
Rachel Wyatt
Rae Ann Ludwig
Rafaela Madlung
Raquel Luciana Da Silva
Raymond Luxury-Yacht
Reagan Clement
Rebecca Christini
Rebecca Flanagan
Rebecca Still
Rebecca White
Reece Michael Hinton
Regan Bang
Renee Lyons
Reuben Theobald
Rhonda Palmer
Ricardo Wang
Richard Davies
Richard Smith
Richard Tait
Ricky Pincott
Ricky Pinecone Pincott
Rob Parbery
Robert Coupée
Robert Howitt
Robert Medina
Robert Ripley
Robertson C. Bartolome
Roger Freakley
Rommel Catuncan
Rosemary Lynne
Rosie Barnes
Rosie Townsend
Ross Galbreath
Roxy Cashin
Russel Garlick
Russell Maunder
Russell Stark
Ruth McMonagle
Ryan Gillespie
Ryan Hunt
Sala Muatabu
Sam Bones Lynskey
Sam Gane
Samala Kerr
Samantha Davies
Sammy Hosking
Sandra Cullen
Sandy Mamoli
Sara Kovac
Sara Sampson
Sarah Blinkhorne
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Burgess
Sarah Foley
Sarah Ganly
Sarah Keast
Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Sulzberger
Sasa Nikolic
Sasha Smith
Scott Relish
Sean Couley
Sean Roberts
Shane Wetzel
Shania Hurunui
Shannon Atkin
Shannon Furness
Shannon Miller
Sharnaya Maka
Shauna Bailey
Sheila Hauser
Shelagh Lynskey
Sherryl Foster
Shibby Zee
Shoshanah Sieger
Shyy Aseraf
Sian Healey
Simon Kennett
Simon Lynskey
Simon Vita
Simon White
Simon ´Ooh I like´ George
Sivarak Phachansiri
Skylaah Walton-cruise
Sladja Kovacevic
Sonja Motus
Stefan Brandt
Steph Ferguson
Steph Sando
Steph Yap Yap
Stephaniee Han
Stephen ‘Brown Sugar’ Butterworth
Stephen Butler
Stephen Parker
Stephen Taylor
Steve Oggi Owens
Stevie Wallace
Stuart Elliott
Suhag Daudia
Superloki Themagnificent Wondergrant
Susan Farley
Susana Peypoch
Suzanne Palmer
Sydney Casey
Sylvia Alexis Emily Storm
Tadeas Mejdr
Tamara Bejakovich
Tane Wahitapu
Tania Jenna
Tanya Geraldine
Tause Girling-Butcher
Tayla Rosee
Taylor Wiese
Taytay Pye
TePuawai Wilson-Leahy
Te Tāwhio o Whanganui
Team Ghey Shorts
Tee Lim
Tegan Young
Teneale Stuthridge
Terina H Munro
Tess Novak
Therese O’Reilly Gulliver
Thom Taptiklis
Thomas Lindup
Tiara ‘T-bag’ Fuata
Tiemi Waharoa
Tim ‘T-Rex’ Wilding
Tim Sutton
Tim ´The Dagburgler´ Riley
Tom Bradshaw
Tom Jones
Tom O’Connor
Tom Webber
Toni M
Tony ‘Freddie’ Keith
Tracy Eloise Corbett
Tracy McCollum
Trea Marshall
Trishna Patel
Tristan Andersen
Trudi Bennett
Trudie McConnochie
Valdimar M Einarsson
Valerie Kuzminski Arch
Vanessa Gibson
Vicky Newbury
Vida Harkness
Vienna Chambers
Virginia Crawford
Vladica Vanja Ivkovic
Vonney Redwood
Wallace Revell
Walter Pereira
Wednesday Addams
Wendy Escobedo
William Dawson
Willow Grace-Morton
Wini Dub J Morris
Wyn Masters
Yasmin Moinfar
Zach Bishop
Zane Smith
and Zoe Preston


About Youthride

Youthride is, to put it simply, an adventure, undertaken to promote and support a wonderful charity - Youthline NZ. To learn more about the ride, you should find what you need in the blog archives at If you wish to offer the support of yourself or your business, you may contact Tom via to discuss directly.
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3 Responses to Inception

  1. bikingantoine says:

    Big kudos for taking the cause & adventure on. The more I learn the more I like!
    About the missing likes: I noted the same, I suspect it’s the privacy settings they use.

  2. Stuart E says:

    Cant wait to see more from this, GO TOM! Donations heading Youthlines way once I see your scraggly ass on that bike!

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